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Sub theme 1: diverse People 

 This sub theme focused on putting people first. We encourage submissions which foreground the perspectives of everyone involved in the learning and teaching process in tertiary education.   

  • learners  
  • teachers  
  • learning designers  
  • academic developers  
  • institutions  
  • managers 
  • digital technologists 
  • iwi and other first nations people.  


Sub theme 2: deeper Partnerships

Through partnerships we reaffirm our relationships, alliances, collaborations and connections with each other. Partnerships could be  

  • Between people in different roles 
  • Across disciplines and departments within an institution 
  • Between internal and external stakeholders 
  • Across institutions 
  • Between pedagogy and research  
  • Within the community  

We encourage submission which explore partnerships which enhance digital pedagogy, success for all learners, or taking care of our collective wellbeing.  



Sub theme 3: digital Pedagogy 

In this theme we draw on the perspective of digital where the dichotomies between ‘face-to-face’ and ‘online’, ‘natural’ and ‘artificial, ‘human’ and ‘non-human’, ‘pedagogical’ and ‘technological’ are viewed as inseparable from each other.  

Submissions which examine the complexity of  learning and teaching in a digital world are encouraged. These could include  

  • online, blended, hybrid and hyflex pedagogies,  
  • AR, AI, VR, MR for learning and teaching 
  • critical insights into the role of digital technologies in tertiary education  
  • the relationship between people and technology 
  • postdigital